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We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

Who are we?

Petszonia is a Trademark online Fish and Pets Social Marketplace, developed on the App and a website. Our admin does pre-screening validation before releasing the user’s access into Login capability. Through our verification of acceptance’s processes of Government-Issued ID / Business-License / Permits / Certificate of Origin, Bank & Telephone bill details, Petszonia helps to eliminate smuggling, poaching and other ILLEGAL activities; we support animals’ conservations to stay away from its extinction.

More to say, Petszonia has buried a traditional theory which commonly says that all export/import of live tropical fish/pets engagement must be done in a bulk order. I would name this habitual trading culture as a negative sales force which limits the idea of buying freedom & contentment. Well, we have unleashed the old gamer, this theory is no more exist now!

Can you imagine, what will happen if this traditional theory stays forever? Who will do such orders, unless you are a wholesaler/store. But in real life, there are some people anywhere around the world, as the intended buyers/sellers are hobbyists or just some collectors who have passions as an animal’s lover. Petszonia supports all classes’ people: buyer, seller, Transhipper, hobbyist, collector, importer, exporter, manufacturer and wholesaler. Thru Petszonia, everyone can buy/sell their own dream fish or pets without limitations, regardless of minimum quantity requirement, location and documentations. This situation gives such a big relief and hope to anyone, especially of those who don’t have any export/import permits, but yet they are still willing to earn a routine income by selling LEGALLY fish or pets online (both domestic & international).

Since Petszonia was born, which was on December 25th of 2018, both seller and buyer have switched their marketplace into paperless doers on each of animals’ trading activities. We don’t have to acquire any permits/paperwork no more to export/import fish/pets; even for just 1 single Betta fish, regardless of what city/country that Betta fish from and shipped to. Seller, Transhipper, Buyer synchronize all of their functionalities to form a beautiful symphony in a single sonata to fully support each and everyone’s “WishList”. Ending words, thru Petszonia, we got you covered and yet you’ve got teammates who help you in reaching out of your dream Fish and/Or Pets to be delivered into your comfort home.

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